Beet Pulp Dog Food

Standlee Hay Company Beet Pulp Pellet, 40 lb
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Nowadays Beet pulp dog food is very commonly used in many of the high-end foods. This dog food is a moderately fermentable fibre made from sugar beet. Once the sugar has been extracted from the sugar beet. This pet food is an excellent source of fibre. Among other nutrients which you will find in Beet pulp, it also contains 10% protein, 0.8 % calcium and 0.5% phosphorus. It has no Vitamin A, but it is mainly used for its fibre value in animal foods. The following dog food and cat food use this in their ingredients. Beet pulp dog food is available in 40lb size.

The following foods have Beet Pulp

  • Kirkland Dog Food
  • Iams Premium Protection
  • Iams Healthy Naturals
  • Black Gold Ultimate dogfood
  • Eukanuba Dogfood