10 Best Dry Beef Dog Food – Reviews and Buying Guide

It is no secret that multiple proteins are loved by dogs. What’s not a well-known fact, in particular, is that dogs have a curious affinity for beef dog food. What is it about beef that dogs just can’t get enough of?

It is important to remember, regardless of why they enjoy it, that there are many high-quality beef dog food brands on the market. There are just as many low-quality labels out there, however. I will try to help you see the distinction between a high-quality and low-quality brand in this post so that you can select the right beef dog food for your dog.

Best Beef Dog Food to Buy in 2021

There are lots of great beef dog food brands on the market like I mentioned, but here’s the best of the best I’ve been able to find.

1. The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Grain Free Beef Recipe

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This human-grade brand of dog food, particularly those picky ones, is a brand any dog will love. Using only the best grain-free ingredients, the Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient Beef Recipe is designed to give dogs a hearty meal that won’t upset a sensitive stomach. While it is theoretically dehydrated, without wasting too much money in the process, it means you can feed your dog a quality diet.

Sizes Available: 2 pounds, 4 pounds and 10 pounds


  • Dehydrated for longer applications
  • Can be financially effective for those on a budget
  • Human-grade features, high-quality ingredients


  • Expensive price point

2. Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Dry Dog Food with Real Meat

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If you’ve been a regular visitor to this website, then you’ll know that Merrick dog food is usually always at the top of any top 10 list I make. This is for a reason: Merrick dog food is a brand name associated with quality products and happy dogs, irrespective of the recipe. Merrick’s real beef and brown rice recipe are filled with real hearty beef to provide the quality nutrition they need for extremely active dogs.

Sizes Available: 4 pounds, 12 pounds and 25 pounds


  • The first ingredient mentioned is real beef.
  • Comes in different flavors other than beef
  • Formulated precisely with high levels of protein


  • Expensive

3. Blue Buffalo Rocky Mountain Recipe with Red Meat

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Another brand name that pet parents usually compare to high-quality dog food is Blue Buffalo. The Blue Buffalo Rocky Mountain Recipe with Red Meat is filled with the first ingredient listed with real quality beef. It is a high-protein formula specially formulated for active dogs or pet owners who want a healthy diet inspired by the natural wild side of a dog to feed their pet.

Sizes Available: 4 pounds and 22 pounds


  • Built with ingredients without grains
  • Features Pieces from Life Source
  • Formulated specifically for active dogs
  • As the first ingredient, genuine beef


  • Expensive than most competitor’s

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4. Victor Select – Beef Meal & Brown Rice Formula

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This is a premium formula that is more economical than the rest of the market’s rivals. Victor Select dog food is formulated with real beef meal of premium quality, which can contain twice as much protein as the beef itself contains. This unique recipe is suitable for highly active dogs, but it can also be fed to dogs with average levels of energy.

Sizes Available: 5 pounds, 15 pounds and 40 pounds


  • The first ingredient of the real beef meal was
  • Affordable for owners of dogs
  • Healthy choice for dogs suffering from food allergies


  • Not easily found in retail stores

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5. Instinct Be Natural Beef Dog Food

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If Nature’s Diversity does one thing well, it comes up with a brand that is committed to offering the variety of taste that your dog instinctively looks for. Nature’s Variety Instinct’s beef recipe is made with actual U.S. raised beef as the first ingredient, with the second ingredient being a secondary animal protein.This recipe includes all the essential grains, fruits, vegetables and nutrients that dogs need naturally.

Sizes Available: 4.5 pounds and 25 pounds


  • Multiple brand flavors are available
  • The first and second ingredients are actual meat used as
  • For better quality, kibble is covered in freeze-dried raw dog food.


  • When switched to quick, rich ingredients can cause upset stomachs
  • Slightly on the pricey side

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6. Fromm FourStar Dog Food Beef Frittata Veg

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Fromm dog food is a family-owned brand committed to demonstrating the standard of nutrition that dogs deserve, and this is expressed in this recipe. It is made with real beef listed as the first ingredient containing all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your dog naturally requires, with basic ingredients.

Sizes Available: 4 pounds, 12 pounds and 26 pounds


  • Plenty of positive feedback from customers
  • The first ingredient mentioned is real beef.


  • Expensive price point
  • Difficult to find offline

7. Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Beef Dog Food

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When you want to feed your dog a diet with the advantages of raw dog food, this is a great brand to go with. This Nature’s Variety Instinct recipe includes freeze-dried raw dog food bits, protein-rich, and probiotic-loaded parts to help maintain a balanced digestive system. The beef formula is specially developed to provide dogs with a full and healthy diet that, regardless of age, size or breed, will meet the needs of all dogs.

Sizes Available: 4 pounds, 10 pounds and 20 pounds


  • The first ingredient used was real beef.
  • Features of freeze-dried bits of raw food
  • Multiple available flavors


  • Slightly expensive

8. Castor & Pollux Pristine Wild Caught Beef Dog Food

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If there is something Castor and Pollux is popular for, it is using responsibly sourced ingredients to make a quality diet. The use of grain-free ingredients is featured in this particular recipe. It is made with no corn, no wheat, no soy, and real grass-fed beef used as the first ingredient. It is an outstanding introductory food for pet owners looking for a grain-free formula based on beef.

Sizes Available: 4 pounds, 10 pounds and 18 pounds


  • Various sizes available
  • Real grass-fed beef used as the first ingredient


  • Slightly pricey

9. Solid Gold – Mmillennia With Natural Beef Dog Food

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Many pet owners know Solid Gold as a brand for its quality ingredients and quality formulas. The recipe for beef and brown rice is no different. For dogs that suffer from sensitive stomachs or food allergies, this is a great formula. As the first ingredient, it mentions actual protein coming from real beef. It features high-quality ingredients such as digestible carbohydrates, natural superfoods, and dogs can benefit from all the essential nutrients.

Sizes Available: 28. 5 pounds


  • Utilizes high-quality ingredients
  • The first ingredients used for real beef
  • Positive feedback from clients


  • A bit on the pricey side

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10. Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diet Beef Formula

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Finally, we have a special Natural Balance formula that is suitable for dogs suffering from serious food sensitivities or food allergies. Natural Balance’s Limited Ingredient Beef formula has a formula rich in healthy animal proteins such as beef, high fiber ingredients to help encourage a healthy digestive system, and is made without the use of grains to help keep it as simple as possible.

Sizes Available: 4 pounds, 12 pounds and 24 pounds


  • Few ingredients for sensitive food items
  • Real animal meat used as the first ingredient


  • Customer reviews are mixed

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The Benefits of Dry Beef Dog Food

Many pet owners are under the impression that beef-based dog food requires a special excuse to feed their dogs. That’s not exactly the condition. There are a number of advantages to feeding a beef diet to your dog and we will discuss those advantages in depth.

Can help dogs gain weight

Giving a beef-based diet to an underweight dog is a perfect way to help them put on a little weight. Beef is full of calories and fat naturally, which can help promote weight gain. For dogs suffering from diseases or pregnant women who might use the extra calories, this is maybe the best choice for taste.

Can assist in pleasing picky dogs

If you have a dog that is known for not enjoying any dog food, then perhaps the best option for them is a beef-based meal. The taste of beef is enough for every mad dog to drive over it. Dogs tend to prefer fatty and calorie-rich foods naturally. For pet owners who want to satisfy their dog’s natural beef cravings, beef can be a great choice.

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Considerations for selecting the right food brands for beef dogs

As I mentioned earlier in this article, beef dog foods can differ in quality depending on the brand. There are plenty of great food brands for beef dogs out there, all of which I guarantee will love your dog. I will send you a few items to remember in this section to help you differentiate the good brands of beef dog food from the poor ones.

Make sure the real beef is at top of the ingredient panel

The very first thing you can look for is to look for a real protein source listed as the first thing listed on the ingredient sheet, regardless of the type of dog food. Be on the lookout for ingredients such as beef, deboned beef, or pasture-raised beef for beef dog food, as these claim to be of the highest quality.

Prevent brands from using mystery meat goods

This, regardless of its flavor, goes for any brand. Many dog foods on the market prefer to use ingredients that use mystery meats or by-products of meat as a gross habit. Although these types of ingredients are not inherently dangerous, the average user should be able to correctly recognize any meat used in pet food. This will help pet owners avoid brands that could worsen food allergies and ensure that potentially dangerous sources do not come from the ingredients on the label.

Look for products that contain components rich in natural antioxidants.

There are several types of dog food out there that come filled with additional ingredients. Although these extra ingredients may not actually be required for your dogs, they may still benefit from them. Look for ingredient-containing foods such as:

  • Glucosamine
  • Probiotics
  • Omega fatty acids

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What to Consider When Buying the Best Beef Food for Dog

We discussed some of the things you might need to look at when buying food for your pet in the previous section, especially dry kibbles. Since almost all the information you are trying to assess is already on the product label, you will now have to consider some other items that will help you decide whether or not your pet is really the most suitable option.

Age and health condition of your pet

Even before you start choosing a product on your favorite pet supply store’s shelves, make sure you have a very good understanding of your pooch’s nutritional needs. Most of us have this notion that they should be considered ‘safe’ if we can not feel the ribs in the chest of our pooch. We have already stated above that it is important to seek your veterinarian’s advice to help you determine what kind of food you need to offer your pooch. Note, too, that numerous dogs have distinct dietary requirements in different life stages. And if they happen to have a medical or health problem, the type of food they can consume can also be greatly influenced by this.

Proteins and fats first, carbs last

In the previous segment, we discussed that giving carbs to our pet dogs is perfectly okay. We have also said that it is okay to offer them grains as well as wheat gluten, particularly amino acids, primarily because of its high protein content. Hopefully, we have not left the impression that you should prefer carbohydrate-rich dog food.

Dogs, unlike cats, are not obligate carnivores. Members of the Canidae family are now regarded as omnivores that are entirely capable of consuming foodstuffs of both animal and plant forms. However, in their diets, they need higher quantities of protein and fats as they provide the requisite building blocks for continuous tissue and organ growth as well as for healthier nervous and integumentary systems. Canids are estimated to eat as much as 65 percent protein and 30 percent fat in the wild, with the remainder split between carbs and other nutrients.

This does not mean you have to conform to these nutrient proportions strictly. What we strongly suggest is to look for a food that, in relation to carbs, has an outstanding proportion of proteins and fats. Remember what we said about the minimum-maximum percentages in compositions of dry food nutrients where at least proteins and fats are presented while at maximum fiber and moisture are presented? This is where you will use this data.

Clearly identifiable ingredients

Just as a product’s full nutritional information is crucial, it is also vital that the ingredients written on the label are easily recognizable. You can be inclined to ask yourself “meat from what” if it says just “real meat”? Are they chicken? For Turkey? Huh? Deer? Huh? Wild Boar? The thing is that the ingredients used in each bag of this doggy should be clearly specified by these products

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Frequently Asked Questions on Beef Dog Foods:

1. What is the safest way to turn to a fresh dog meal?

Dog food producers have their own way of moving from a particular dog food brand to their own brand. Although they can vary in the length of time required to make the transition, both obey the same underlying principle. It is best to do it on a gradual basis if a transition from one brand of dog food to another is made.

For example, if you give your pet 2 cups of dog food for each meal, you may want to replace the new dog food with 1⁄2 cup. For each meal, you’re effectively offering 1.5 cups of the existing dog food and 1⁄2 cup of the fresh one. You should offer this for the first 3 to 5 days, looking closely for any signs of allergies or maybe your dog doesn’t like the new one’s taste. You will increase the proportion of existing and new dog food to 1:1 if your pet munches on the mixture. So each of the latest and new dog foods will give you 1 cup. Once again, offer this for three to five days. If there are no reactions, the amount of new food in your meal may be increased to 75 percent. This means that 1.5 cups of the latest dog food will be given and 1⁄2 cup of the existing food will be given. For another 3 to 5 days, feed this mixture. You will then turn to the new dog food if your dog takes its new meal very heartily.

Know, slowly and steadily, it is essential to do it. Tracking your pet for any untoward reaction or even signs that it doesn’t like the latest dog food is equally important.

2. How long does food for dry dogs stay fresh?

It’s more tricky than it seems. In product labels, there is one thing you need to search for: the best-before date or the best-by date. Choosing a product with a best-before date that is the farthest from your intended date of purchase is significant. For example, if product A has a best-before date of December 2018 and product B has March 2019, then because it has a better-before date than product A, you should choose product B.

Now, just because it has the best-before date doesn’t mean that once the bag has already been opened, it stays fresh up to that date. On the opposite, dry food, after the bag has already been opened, undergoes a massive degradation in its composition and nutrient content. Some literature says that 6 weeks after it has been opened, dry dog food can still be used, while others put the average shelf life once opened at 14 days or just 2 weeks.

This is the trick. If a dry dog food is properly shielded from light, moisture, high temperatures, and air, it should last for 6 weeks after the bag has been opened. However, you will have to have your dog eat the entire bag within 2 weeks if adequate and sufficient steps are not taken to protect dog kibbles from the elements.

3. How do I soften food for dry dogs?

It is really easy to dry foods. Simply pour your dog’s bowl with the kibbles and you’re done. Nothing more convenient than that can be. Unfortunately, dogs, such as puppies and aged dogs who may no longer have teeth, do not even bite through the hardened consistency of kibble. That’s why before feeding it to them, it is important to soften your dog’s dry food first.

A good way to begin is to add a few tablespoons of hot water to the dry dog food and wait for it to soften. You can always add some more warm water if you want a much smoother, mushier consistency. You can incorporate low-sodium beef or chicken broth or even the broth from a can of tuna if you have a particularly picky eater who doesn’t really like the smell of dry dog food. To further improve the palatability of your dry dog food, use this as your softening agent.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t need to be as difficult as it appears to be to find the best beef dog food on the market. Hopefully, with the aid of this post, I’ve helped you find dog food filled with beef on your journey. I also hope that it’s much easier to find the right food for your dog, with some of the tips I gave you, such as what benefits to look for in a beef dog food brand and essential factors to make it possible!

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