The 8 Best Large Breed Dog Food for 2021- Reviews

Are you a dog owner looking out for the dog food, then you have come to the right page. Look no further as we have done the hard work and reviewed the best dog foods for you.

Choosing the best food for your large breed puppy is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. That’s because buying the wrong dog food one that contains so much calcium that could cause permanent damage to the joints and hip disease for large breeds. Because big dogs are usually more likely to suffer from joint issues, such as hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis.

Accordingly, it is important to find a quality large breed dog food to address your pet’s specific dietary needs. So in this article you’ll find the best large breed puppy foods. Check out the reviews and select the one which is best suited. See also our recommendations on the best dry beef dog food, the best dog food for french bulldogs, the best grain-free dog food,and the best dog food for allergies.

Common Large Breeds

There are three main classes of dogs based on the size – large, medium and small breeds. Giant breeds also include large dog breeds, but the group is rapidly gaining popularity as a type of its own.

Dogs that are included in the Large Breed group include breeds such as:

  • Shepherds like the German, Belgian, Belgian Malinois
  • Mastiffs like the Old English, Cane Corso, Bull, Dog de Bordeaux
  • Siberian Husky, Akita, Weimaraner, Boxer
  • Retrievers like the Golden, Labrador, and the Chesapeake Bay

Large Breed Dog Nutrition Guide

The nutrition of large dogs is similar to small and medium-sized dogs in several ways, although there are a few important exceptions that involve larger breeds. Large-breed puppies need specially prepared food to ensure that they do not develop too soon, creating serious joint and orthopedic problems.

Adults and seniors of large breeds should be supervised and their diets closely controlled to prevent unsafe health problems such as orthopedic disease, heart disease, and obesity.

Why It’s Important to Feed You Large Breed Puppy the Right Food?

Some large dog breeds are concerned about health problems affecting their joints and bones. Giving your large breed puppy a healthy diet, will have a major effect on these issues.

Eating foods that promotes faster development would only lead to orthopedic, muscle, tendon, and nerve problems when puppies are still developing quickly, causing the dog to endure painful diseases.

Overfeeding and calcium supplements are two of the main contributors to rapid bone growth.

Closely controlling the food consumption of our puppy will significantly reduce the risk of specific problems with the joints and bones. In addition, the caloric intake of a puppy has to be managed and adjusted as they grow to ensure that their recommended calorie intake is not exceeded, which will lead to rapid growth.

While it is doubtful that a dog owner would feed calcium supplements to their dogs, switching your large breed puppy over to an adult maintenance formula too early will raise the calcium intake of your puppy above the recommended levels. And even though calcium is good for bone growth, if too much is given, it can have a negative impact.

How Much Should You Feed a Large Breed Dog

For the average healthy adult large breed dog they should be eating:

60 lbs. – 3 cups or 1313 calories
70 lbs. – 3 ½ cups or 1474 calories
80 lbs. – 3 ¾ cups or 1629 calories
90 lbs. – 4 ¼ cups or 1779 calories
100 lbs. – 4 ½ cups or 1926 calories
Dogs over 100 lbs. should get an additional 1/3 Cup for every 10 lbs.

These calculations differ in terms of different dogs, levels of activity, and food, so it is a good basis to get an idea of how much your dog should eat.

Best Large Breed Dog Food – Reviews

1. BLUE Buffalo Life Protection Formula Large Breed Adult

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Blue Buffalo is a popular brand in providing the high-quality dog food, and their Life Protection Large Breed Chicken and Brown Rice Formula is one of their most popular recipes.

This recipe will help keep your dog healthy, it is made from all the ingredients you would expect to find in a dog food for big breeds, including whole proteins, whole grains and an array of nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Notable Qualities and Features:

  • Includes several antioxidant-rich ingredients, including kelp, carrots, blueberries and sweet potatoes
  • Deboned chicken is the first ingredient
  • Contains no wheat, corn or soy
  • Made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Made in the USA

Most of the dog owners claimed that it helped to reduce the problems of their dog with food allergies, joint problems, and poor digestion. Many dogs seem to enjoy the taste, and the quality is priced quite reasonably.

There are not many dog food recipes on the market that are as suitable as this one for large-breed dogs. It meets about every criteria you would need in a healthy dog food for large breeds and provides the dog with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Additionally, it is fortified with three different probiotic strains to help foster proper digestive function.

2. Wellness Complete Health Large Breed

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Wellness Complete Health Large Breed is designed to provide your big canine with all of the nutrition he needs and a taste he loves.. This formula, like all other Wellness Full Health products, is endorsed by the wellness promise of the supplier and is guaranteed to keep your dog looking and doing his best.

Notable Qualities and Features:

  • Includes several nutritious proteins (deboned chicken, deboned whitefish and salmon meal)
  • Includes flaxseed, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Supplemented with four different probiotics
  • Full of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Made in the USA

Most owners enjoy the nutrition and Health Full offers an amazing ingredient list, and most dogs seem to appreciate the flavor. Several owners confirmed that after switching to this recipe, their dog showed better health; some dogs tended to show less joint pain after making the move, others avoided suffering from skin issues.

It’s impossible to go wrong with Wellness Complete Health Large Breed Formula if you’re looking for a top-notch large breed dog food, and you don’t bother spending for a quality product. There are not many obvious drawbacks to the food, and it contains the sorts of ingredients that most dog owners want.


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PROACTIVE Wellness Large Breed Adult Formula is a healthy large breed dog food made for owners on a budget, much as most IAMS products. You’ll obviously have to forget some of the bells and whistles that other foods provide, as one of the most affordable options on the market, but it’s still an appropriate, if not spectacular, diet for your big dog.

Notable Qualities and Features:

  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog gets the nutrition he needs
  • Contains glucosamine to help support joint health
  • Made with whole-grains
  • Flaxseed is included to improve the omega-3 fatty acid content
  • The meat meals and byproducts in the recipe are derived from a single, identified species

Although many of the high-end features common to some other foods are not present, most owners were very satisfied with the large breed recipe of IAMS. The two big product problems were one-off delivery concerns (which can arise with any food) and the occasional dog that considered the food unpalatable.

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Large Breed Adult demands consideration for owners working with a limited budget. The food satisfies many of the criteria owners want in a dog food, and most dogs appear to find it tasty. Also, unlike many other budget-friendly options that feature a meat meal as the first ingredient, chicken is the first item on this food’s ingredient list.

4. EUKANUBA Adult Dry Dog Food

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Adult Large Breed Chicken Formula from EUKANUBA is a relatively high-quality preparation that is priced at a cost that can be afforded by most dog owners. Instead of adding a lot of costly ingredients and additives, EUKANUBA, like many other budget-priced dog foods, concentrates on supplying the basics. This way, a good, balanced diet that will not break your budget can be enjoyed by your dog.

Notable Qualities and Features:

  • Chicken is the first listed ingredient
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals to help prevent deficiencies
  • Made with glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health
  • Includes multiple fiber sources to ensure proper digestive function
  • Made with flax meal and other omega-3-rich ingredients

Most of the owners who tried EUKANUBA Adult Large Breed Chicken Formula were very happy with the products. Many owners noticed that their dog liked the flavor and was just as good as when feeding higher-priced options. Owners shopping for an affordable, yet nutritious dog food for large breeds should definitely give EUKANUBA Adult Large Breed Chicken Formula a try.

It is one of the few budget-priced diets that explicitly addresses the specifications of large-breed dogs, offering, among other things, joint-supporting supplements.

5. Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Large Breed

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One of the only grain-free dog diets offered at a lower price point is Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Large Breed Formula. This food offers about all your big dog wants to keep safe and to feel his best, full of natural ingredients such as chicken, sweet potatoes, apples, pumpkin and more.

Notable Qualities and Features:

  • Chicken is the first listed ingredient
  • Sweet potatoes and pumpkin are used in place of grains
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Specifically formulated for dogs weighing more than 50 pounds
  • Fiber-rich formula encourages digestive health

For their dogs, the majority of owners were very happy to see an affordable grain-free alternative, especially one that dogs seemed to find so palatable.

Several dog owners noted that the food helps boost the elimination behavior of their dog, which is possibly due to the food’s high fiber content and the addition of pumpkin in the recipe.

While Nature’s Recipe does not have many of the features you might expect from a quality dog food, such as joint-supplements (although some glucosamine and chondroitin is given by chicken meal) and probiotics, it is a decent grain-free recipe that is much more affordable than many other diets free of wheat.

Nature’s Formula deserves careful consideration if you are looking for a grain-free dog food for your large-breed dog.

6. Eagle Pack Natural Large & Giant Breed

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Eagle Pack Natural Large Breed Recipe is a nutritious and healthy pet food that is intended to offer the kind of quality your large breed dog needs.

And Eagle Pack Natural includes a lot of the same vitamins as premium foods do, such as probiotics and joint supplements, including their very affordable costs.

Notable Qualities and Features:

  • Made with only natural ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Includes eight different probiotic strains
  • Contains omega-3-rich ingredients, such as flaxseed
  • Fortified with glucosamine for joint health
  • Made in the USA

Many owners were very satisfied with the Natural Large Breed Recipe Eagle Kit, noting changes in the health of their dog’s coat, strength, nutrition, and level of energy. In addition, at a relatively low price point, many owners were delighted to have a grain-free alternative open, and most dogs seemed to find the food delicious.

Although the Natural Large Breed Recipe Eagle Pack is an inexpensive US-made, grain-free alternative fortified with glucosamine and a number of probiotic bacteria, it is not made with a full protein.

With such an otherwise-excellent food, this is pretty disappointing, but some owners would certainly find this a reasonable trade-off, considering the other advantages the food provides.

7. BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free

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BLUE Wilderness Big Breed Recipe is a quality dog food for large breeds that offers everything you might like for your large canine, including joint vitamins, fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and a variety of probiotic supplements.

BLUE Wilderness Wide Breed Recipe, an all-natural, grain-free food, is often made without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Notable Features and Qualities:

  • Deboned chicken is the first listed ingredient
  • Flaxseed included supplying your dog with omega 3 fatty acids
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Includes three different probiotic strains
  • Made with whole carrots, blueberries, cranberries, parsley, and other antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables

The vast majority of owners who tried the large-breed dog food of BLUE Wilderness were very pleased with their decision. It helped to improve several dogs’ agility and coat condition, and many owners have reported changes in the digestive performance of their dog.

Additionally, the flavor was enjoyed by most dogs. Aside from a few dogs that didn’t find the food palatable, the only food problems referred to shipping and delivery concerns.

If you are seeking a premium dog food for your large breed dog and you don’t mind paying for quality, BLUE Wilderness Large Breed Recipe may be the best option available.

Packed with just about every high-end ingredient and supplement you’d want, this food will satisfy even the most discriminating owners (and their dogs).


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NUTRO ULTRA Adult Large Breed Recipe is a nutritious and tasty meal that is designed to fulfill the unique nutritional needs of your large breed dog.

This recipe, fortified with both glucosamine and chondroitin and made with many distinct sources of fiber, will help enhance the mobility and digestive efficiency of your dog.

Notable Features and Qualities:

  • Chicken is the first listed ingredient
  • Made without any corn, wheat, soy or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Includes omega-3-rich ingredients, such as salmon meal and flaxseed, to help reduce inflammation
  • Contains no genetically modified organisms
  • Made with several different “superfoods” for maximum nutritional value

NUTRO ULTRA Large Breed Adult Recipe reviews have been incredibly positive. The majority of owners raved about the ability of the food to boost the condition and agility of their dog’s coat, and dogs seemed to enjoy the taste. In addition, many owners were excited to discover non-GMO food that had so many nutritious ingredients.

For big breed dogs, NUTRO ULTRA Large Breed Adult is a premium food that has most of the features you would expect, but it is not priced like a premium product. Many owners and their dogs would probably be happy, but owners who are not interested in avoiding genetically modified species will probably find a better choice at this price point, such as a formula containing probiotics.

Final Thoughts:

Our suggestions above are what we found are the best large breed dog food available on the market. These are the best large breed dog food to buy in every price range for you. We have analyzed the features and functions of each product and reviewed our best for the buyers.