The Best 10 Puppy Food for a Goldendoodle – (Buying Guide)

The Goldendoodle, as friendly and elegant as it sounds, is a crossbreed between Golden Retrievers and Poodles! They are a non-aggressive breed of “designer” bred in various sizes, ranging from small to large. Their coats, like black and cream, will come in various colors.

It is useful information to feed them correctly. If you want to know what Goldendoodles’ favorite dog foods are, read on…

Their feeding requirements can be a little different because this breed has a range of sizes, but as long as the food provides all the right nutrients and only the highest-quality ingredients, the only thing you will have to change is how much food you feed.

In this guide, you can learn about your dietary requirements for Goldendoodles, what to expect in regards to feeding and weight during each life cycle, and our top recommendations for high-quality dog foods.

Goldendoodle puppy food is described along with some adult life stage guidelines so that during each life process you can gain an understanding of the demands. For Goldendoodles, we know you want the best dog food, and we’re here to point you in the right direction!

Best Dog Foods For Goldendoodles

The best food that you can give him is your Goldendoodle, so take the time to analyze the choices and make a smart decision. For Goldendoodles, here are our top choices for the best dog food.

Nulo Freestyle Dry Puppy Food

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The Goldendoodle Nulo Freestyle puppy food has low carb and high meat ratio for good overall health. More than 80% of Nulo’s protein comes from animal protein, meaning there are no filler ingredients like you’ll usually see in other dog foods. Make sure they do not have cheaper ingredients like maize, wheat, soy, or potatoes when ordering dog food for your Goldendoodle. With probiotics and other important vitamins and minerals, Nulo only offers high-quality ingredients that provide a protein-rich puppy diet.

Phosphorous and calcium, responsible for the development and structure of the skeletal system, are also good ingredients in this Goldendoodle puppy food. This puppy food is available in the flavor of salmon or turkey and provides a variety of bags of different sizes. This is by far one of Goldendoodle’s finest puppy foods.


  • Grain-free with no filler products or chemicals at all.
  • Quality ingredients for low carb meals with high meat content.
  • Probiotics for digestion, improved metabolism, and immune response have been introduced.
  • About 80% of the nutrition comes from animal proteins.


  • No, this is one of the best dog foods you can get from Goldendoodle.

Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food

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One of the best puppy foods for a Goldendoodle, in particular, is the Purina Pro Plan puppy food. Thanks to the high-quality ingredients inside the product, you’ll find this food recommended by several different veterinarians. Chicken, for example, is the first ingredient mentioned, meaning it includes much of the chicken without any additive fillers you need to look for.

Ingredients promoting a developing immune system are included in the special recipe so that your pet grows strong and healthy. To suit your pup’s needs, you can choose from a range of flavors and sizes. The goal of Purina in life is to help your pet enjoy the best possible life by using the best ingredients possible. This is why for a Goldendoodle, they are so highly recommended as one of the best dog foods.


  • Purina Pro Plan Dog food will be recommended by several veterinarians.
  • Chicken is the predominant source of high-quality ingredients.
  • DHA Omega 3 fish oil for brain and vision growth has been added.
  • Rich in antioxidants and metabolic energy for your puppy.


  • None.

Royal Canin Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food

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The healthy nutritious puppy food Royal Canin is specifically made for puppies that grow up to 23 to 55 pounds in weight. In order to satisfy the high energy needs during puppyhood, the nutritious ingredients are formulated (less than 1 year old). Royal Canin is a well-known brand which, based on its future potential weight, creates precisely balanced nutrition for your puppy.

We selected the Royal Canin “Medium” puppy formula for a Goldendoodle as one of the best puppy foods. This will fulfill your puppy’s high energy needs and include all the key nutrients during their growth process.


  • Built especially for puppies up to 1 year of age.
  • It helps to produce antioxidants and vitamins in the immune system.
  • Their mineral blends improve joint and bone growth.
  • For regular stools, highly digestible proteins and prebiotics.


  • None, one of the best in the puppy industry.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein

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It is grain-free and packed full of protein that is ideal for a Goldendoodle. The Blue Buffalo Wilderness puppy food. In this delicious recipe that your puppy will love, the key source of protein comes from real chicken! This stimulates muscle development and offers food for your dog that they would truly love to eat.

Life source bits that are precisely mixed with the right amount of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants are used in this healthy recipe. This natural dog food satisfies requirements for the life stage and encourages a strong immune system. There are also no by-products like wheat, corn, soy, or other chemical preservatives in Blue Buffalo puppy food.


  • To promote muscle development, a high protein chicken diet.
  • Grain-free dog food with fatty acids DHA and ARA.
  • Lifesource bits that contain vitamins, enzymes, and minerals.
  • No goods made use of this food.


  • None, this is a great puppy food.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy

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The dry puppy food from The Hill’s Science for a Goldendoodle includes tiny bites for the petite mouth of your pet. For small pups, this chicken meal and barley recipe is tasty and it provides high-quality protein for lean muscle building. This one also contains DHA, like most other puppy kibbles, which is the essential omega 3 oil that helps promote a healthy brain.

This Goldendoodle Kibble is made from natural ingredients and is specially formulated for overall good health with a balanced set of vitamins, minerals, and protein. Such minerals help to encourage both healthy bones and strong teeth. Recommended puppy food from The Hill’s Science vet will get your sweet little Goldendoodle pup off to a great start in life.


  • A tiny chicken-flavored kibble.
  • Promotes protein of high quality that constructs lean muscle.
  • Created in the USA with a lot of veterinarians’ advice.
  • Produced with all ingredients that are natural.


  • The biggest bag size is just 15.5 pounds, which won’t last too long!

Taste of the Wild High Protein

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It is grain-free and contains real smoked salmon as the #1 ingredient in the Taste of the Wild premium high-protein puppy food. In addition, simple to digest ingredients and added minerals, vitamins, patented probiotics, and nutrients are included in the Pacific stream recipe. Fish is a perfect ingredient because it delivers amino acids and proteins naturally, which helps promote the functionality of the brain, lean muscle and vision.

The combined ingredients provide a healthy and complete diet that promotes good overall health, especially for your puppy from Goldendoodle. Popular food allergens such as fillers, corn, grain, wheat, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are not present in this puppy food. If you think your Goldendoodle suffers from allergies, it’s a perfect meal.


  • The principal ingredient in this puppy kibble is smoked salmon.
  • Fish supplies lean bodies with optimal amino acids and protein.
  • Ingredients with virtually no fillers sourced sustainably.
  • Created in the USA and owned by families.


  • None.

NUTRO Wholesome Essentials Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food

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Goldendoodle’s Nutro Wholesome essential puppy food includes a delicious recipe for lamb and rice, but they also have a recipe for chicken and rice. In this high protein recipe, it contains minerals, vitamins, and basic nutrients. The best part of this Goldendoodle dog food is that the ingredients without fillers are all-natural.

For a Goldendoodle dog, the combined ingredients help a healthy immune system, plus healthy overall growth and development. Combined with the other ingredients, the added vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids create a healthy and full diet. Nutro is a fantastic company with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and still has non-GMO products. This is why the Goldendoodle is perfect dog food.


  • Lamb and rice/recipes for chicken and rice.
  • Vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients are all-natural dog food.
  • For healthy bones and joints, it contains calcium.
  • To help a healthy immune system, DHA, antioxidants, vitamin E.


  • Lack of consistency between bags.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

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The natural puppy food from Wellness Full Health is grain-free and provides natural ingredients that make your dog a healthy and complete diet. Both chicken and whitefish come from the major protein sources. The fact that it has two distinct sources of protein is both good and poor. In your Goldendoodle, the introduction of several different types of ingredients will cause allergic reactions such as itching or licking. These are, however, all high-quality ingredients of vital vitamins and minerals.

For Goldendoodles, who need a healthy diet to sustain their high energy, this puppy food is fine. Popular allergens such as soy, corn, wheat, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and meat by-products are not found in this healthy food. The ingredients in this Goldendoodle puppy food also promote hair growth, shiny skin, immunity, and digestive health.


  • Grain-free with your Goldendoodle’s fully healthy diet.
  • Deboned chicken and whitefish are the key sources of protein.
  • All-natural components and no preservatives.
  • Produced in the USA with a warranty guarantee for wellness.


  • Many owners are complaining about paw licking, which could be a sign of an allergic reaction.

Natural Balance Original Ultra Grain-Free Dry Puppy Food

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The first ingredient of Natural Balance Ultra puppy food for a Goldendoodle includes farm-raised US chickens and is filled with protein and other essential vitamins and minerals for a full and healthy diet.

To ensure that your dog has less chance of having allergic reactions or a sore tummy, this healthy puppy food is gluten-free and grain-free. During puppyhood, the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help brain development and overall good health.


  • Fatty Acids, Omega 6, and Omega 3.
  • The primary source of protein is US-farmed raised chickens.
  • A mixture of a number of vitamins and minerals for good immunity.
  • Grain-free food that does not contain maize, wheat, or soy.


  • Up and coming food for dogs. This won’t be found in most stores.

CANIDAE PURE Puppy Recipe, Dry Dog Food

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The Canidae Pure puppy food is specially developed for puppies with sensitive stomachs using minimal ingredients. Up to 10 real foods are included in the ingredients and deliver proteins like chicken, bison, boar, lamb, duck, and salmon. This dog food is perfect for Goldendoodles, which can suffer from food allergies, as well. Your puppy might have a food allergy if your dog is constantly itching, scratching, or licking its paws.

Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are added to the ingredients, plus antioxidants for a strong immune system. This also helps foster a healthy curly coat from Goldendoodle, which you may need to brush on a regular basis. There is a wide variety of flavors available, so you can be sure that you can find the one your pup loves the most! We recommend, however, the food for a Goldendoodle chicken puppy.


  • 10 or less ingredients to avoid food allergies.
  • For puppies with weak stomachs, grain-free food.
  • Includes all vitamins and minerals available for your Goldendoodle.
  • All-natural, high-quality ingredients.


  • None, this is a great choice for a Goldendoodle puppy.

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Choosing the Right Puppy Food for Your Goldendoodle

It’s simpler than you think to choose the right dog food for a puppy from Goldendoodle. The first thing you need is to take their overall wellbeing into consideration. During puppyhood, a healthy puppy needs a nutritious and full diet that satisfies their nutritional needs. These demands are fulfilled by all of the foods on the list.

It’s best to contact a doctor first if you have a pup that has health problems or digestive problems. It is best to mention a few of the choices on the list for a puppy food that helps a balanced digestive system and are specially formulated for easy digestion. A veterinarian’s guidance and recommendations will help you choose the right food for Goldendoodle puppies and ensure that your pet enjoys a balanced and safe diet.

The best tip for a Goldendoodle to look for in puppy food is to ensure that there are no chemicals or fillers in the food. Corn, soy, wheat, white potatoes, and tapioca are popular additives in puppy food. For any artificial preservatives or coloring, you should also lookout. Fillers and additives would usually provide cheaper dog foods for Goldendoodles.

Puppies, Picky Eaters

How can a picky eater be your cute Goldendoodle puppy? You’ll be shocked by how many puppies in their food enjoy a particular flavor. Many Goldendoodle puppies are just perfect with the taste of chicken, but some pups are picky eaters and prefer tasty flavors like lamb or bison, or fish. The good news is that for a Goldendoodle list that provides a wide variety of flavors, there are many choices for the best puppy food. Try a small bag of each variety if you have a picky eater before you find the one your little fluff ball loves eating the most. We recommend that you first try the chicken or fish puppy food.

There could be a secret health condition triggering their lack of appetite if you can not manage to motivate your dog to eat meals frequently. Discussing the situation with the veterinarian is recommended in this case.

Nutritional Requirements

Your little Goldendoodle dog during puppyhood will develop rapidly. You will be surprised at how quickly over this time frame they will evolve and alter. To keep them healthy in this very important life stage, your energetic pup requires a full and balanced diet that is filled with nutrients, vitamins, protein, and more.

All of the Goldendoodle puppy food choices on the list fulfill a puppy’s nutritional needs and help maintain good health overall. If you have an energetic little puppy, make sure that you select a high protein alternative that contains carbohydrates in the ingredients to ensure that your dog has enough food in its body to satisfy its energy needs.

Choosing a Flavor of Puppy Food

You need to find the right dog food for all of your precious pups if you are one of the lucky pet parents who have accepted two or more Goldendoodle puppies into your home. An excellent tip is to provide a few choices for all of your puppies. Put the flavor of chicken in one bowl, the flavor of lamb in the second, and the savory flavor of your choosing in the third bowl.

For your puppies to eat and watch closely as each of them moves from one bowl to the next, but all of the bowls on the floor. To completely evaluate all of their choices, you may need to do this experiment a few times. If most puppies like a particular flavor, try to buy a big bag so you have enough for them all without having to think about buying too much.

Although most of the puppies will enjoy the flavor selected, keep an eye out for the pups that are lagging behind and not interested in being first in the feeding bowl. There’s a possibility you could have a picky eater, or in one of the dogs, the chosen food might cause an upset tummy. Consult a veterinarian if any of the puppies fail to eat any food. Hopefully, all you have is a picky eater, but it’s best to rule out any significant situations.

Goldendoodle puppies have strong appetites, plenty of energy, and are family pets that are loving and compassionate. Always do your part by selecting one of the trusted brands mentioned above to provide your puppy with a safe and nutritious diet.

How Often Should I Feed My Goldendoodle Puppy?

More feeding times are expected for a Goldendoodle puppy than an adult Goldendoodle, so you’ll want to give him three to four meals a day before he reaches around six months of age. You will decrease the number of mealtimes to two a day after six months. Make sure to compliment his current diet and not supplement it if you are adding treats into his diet. This implies that to make room for the feeding of treats, you will need to reduce the number of kibbles offered. To prevent unnecessary weight gain and consequent damage to his growing joints, make sure you are meeting and not exceeding his caloric requirements.

Final Thoughts

For a Goldendoodle, we’ve reviewed over a hundred different forms of puppy food and narrowed down our list to the top 10 options. Our Goldendoodle Best Puppy Food list includes foods that do not use fillers, chemicals, artificial colors, or preservatives that you can find in less costly dog foods. You will also see that these foods contain vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidants that are essential to your growth in Goldendoodles. As they quickly grow and pass from puppyhood to adulthood, we hope you have made a good choice for your Goldendoodle.

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