Best Dog Jerky Treats For Pups That Love To Chomp

Are you a fan of jerky that is flavorful, spicy, and delicious? It’s likely that your dog will be as well.

Share your jerky love with your favourite furry friend — it’s the ideal reward for the ultimate “good guy.”

Jerky is an excellent alternative to conventional dog treats, and several varieties provide additional health benefits. We’ll go over five of our favourite jerky treats in this article and help you choose the right one for your dog.

Find the ideal jerky for your best mate, as well as some jerky feeding advice!

Are you in a hurry? Take a look at our top picks below!

Do Dogs Like Jerky?

Of course! They might even enjoy it more than you do!

As shown by their pointed and appropriately called canine teeth, dogs are natural meat-eaters. Meat is an essential part of a dog’s daily diet, and it should be the main ingredient in their foods, snacks, and treats.

Jerky is a perfect way to add variety to your dog’s diet, as well as a tasty snack and a training tool. These meaty morsels are easy to break up into smaller bits and will entice your dog to want to please you!

Best Jerky Treats for Dogs

When shopping for jerky for your dog, pay careful attention to the ingredients and choose one that appeals to your dog’s taste buds while also providing some health benefits.

Here are our top five choices for the best jerky treats available:

Petcurean Spike Treats For Dogs

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Are you a big fan of superfoods? Then Petcurean Spike Treats are ideal for your canine companion! This tasty and nutritious jerky for your jerky-loving dog is made in the United States with high-quality ingredients.


  • Catfish, duck, and turkey are among the flavours available in Petcurean Spike Treat for Dogs.
  • Meat is a primary ingredient in each flavour and an excellent source of protein for your dog.
  • Petcurean uses only natural ingredients in their jerkies, with no artificial colours or flavours. In reality, if you’re a health nut, you might recognise some of these ingredients: chia seeds, kale, and pomegranate, to name a few.
  • For added health benefits, each flavour is grain- and gluten-free.


  • The majority of dogs adore them, and every flavour was well-received by canines all over the world! The taste is almost universally praised — Petcurean has hit a home run with the dogs! Furthermore, happy people praise the balanced and high-quality ingredients.


  • Some consumers have complained that the price is a little high for the quantity of product they got. A couple of customers complained about inconsistencies in the treats: some are soft and chewy, while others are much too rough, and the bits are often fractured excessively.

Rocco & Roxie – Jerky Dog Treats

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About: Rocco and Roxie’s Jerky Sticks, made in the USA and available in a range of flavours, will fool your dog into thinking he’s having the same jerky you do — he’ll never suspect it’s not a human snack!


  • Beef, chicken, or turkey jerky sticks are available. They’re made with all-natural ingredients and a self-described “hidden family recipe” that includes slow-smoking.
  • These sticks, unlike human jerky, have a smooth feel that dogs adore.


  • Aside from the positive feedback on the taste, customers say the sticks are a great training aid because they can easily be split into smaller parts. Additionally, pet owners praise Rocco & Roxie’s lightning-quick customer support, which immediately resolves any problems or grievances with orders.


  • Tummy aches have been recorded in a few dogs after eating these treats; it seems that they don’t always agree with every dog’s digestive system. The good news is that Rocco & Roxie offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if your dog doesn’t like the treats, you’ll get a full refund.

DOGSWELL 100% Meat Jerky Treats for Dogs

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About: Dogswell Jerky is made in the USA and is packed with vitamins and minerals to encourage good health, with unique benefits for senior pets — as well as tantalising flavours to entice the younger pups!


  • Dogswell makes treats with a range of vitamins to promote a variety of important aspects of canine wellbeing, including treats for hip and joint health, immunity, and protection.
  • There are a variety of flavours to choose from, including chicken, turkey, and beef, to satisfy any dog’s taste buds. Packages of treats range in size from 4-ounce to 24-ounce.
  • Dogswell treats are a delicious choice for jerky-loving pups, as they are made with high-quality ingredients and contain no fillers.


  • Customers adore the nutritional benefits of these treats, which are a perfect way to give your dog the nutrients he or she needs to maintain joint health and a strong immune system. Many consumers reported seeing a noticeable and optimistic improvement in their dogs’ welfare!


  • Although the product is generally well-received, some consumers have complained about inconsistencies in the product’s quality (this seems to happen now and then with Amazon). Furthermore, some consumers were dissatisfied with recent price rises.

Newman’s Own Snack Sticks for Dogs, 5-oz. (Pack of 8)

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About: Your favourite pasta sauce’s happy face is now on the packaging of your dog’s favourite jerky! The flavorful Newman’s Own Beef Jerky Treats can appeal to a wide range of dogs.


  • Jerky from Newman’s Own comes in two flavours: Original Beef and Beef & Sweet Potato.
  • This protein-packed snack is a delicious choice for your jerky-loving dog, made with grass-fed beef and no chemical additives.
  • 100% of the sales, like all Newman’s Own goods, go to charity.


  • These treats have a flavour that dogs adore! The soft texture and smoky flavour of these treats appealed to many dogs, and some reviewers enjoyed the taste and smell as well. We’d never advise you to eat your dog’s treats, but we’ll leave that to your discretion!


  • Given the number of treats sold, the price is a little high. Furthermore, unlike the other jerky treats on the list, this one isn’t focused on improving pet health; instead, it’s all about the taste (which is: yum).

“I and love and you” Nice Jerky Bites – Grain-Free Dog Treats

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About: “I, love, and you” Jerky Bites are manufactured by a company based in Boulder, CO, and come in a range of delicious flavours as well as a slew of health benefits for your dog.


  • Very good. Jerky Bites come in a range of flavours, so there’s bound to be one that your dog would like! Beef and lamb, chicken and duck, salmon and chicken, venison and lamb, and a variety pack are all available.
  • Treats come in a variety of sizes, starting at 4-ounce bags and going up to 1-pound bags.


  • These treats are ideal for dogs with allergies or other health conditions because the ingredients were chosen with canine health and wellbeing in mind, and they’re a great fit for dogs with dietary restrictions.


  • Owners admitted that some dogs aren’t fond of the taste, considering the jerky treats’ health benefits — after all, we humans have a hard time with the taste of nutritious food, don’t we? Fortunately, there are a number of flavours to choose from that your dog might enjoy!

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Jerky for Dogs in a Safe Environment

Although jerky is a surefire success with most dogs, there are a few precautions you can take to make sure he enjoys it safely:

Keep an eye on things. As with every new treat or dietary improvement, you’ll want to keep an eye on your dog the first few times he eats it. Before you feed it to your dog, make sure the bits aren’t too large to chew and that the ingredients don’t contain something your dog is allergic to. If you find any negative results, you should definitely avoid snacking and choose a new flavour or brand.

When possible, choose jerky that is made in the United States. You’re more likely to be feeding a new, organic product if the ingredients are sourced from the United States. It’s also a good idea to look at the ingredients list and avoid items that have fillers — the meat should be one of the first ingredients mentioned. Jerky from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Western Europe should be of high quality as well.

Choose a size that is appropriate for you. Make sure the treats you choose aren’t too big to chew for your dog. The jerky treats you choose are almost certainly designed to be broken up to ensure protection. Breaking them up into bite-size bits is also a good training tool — these meaty snacks are a safe way to hold your dog’s attention.

Is it OK for dogs to eat human jerky?

We’re going to say no — stay healthy and stick to jerky made especially for dogs.

Although the flavours of the meat are usually consistent, the added flavours and preservatives can trigger issues –– often severe ones.

For instance, human jerky is also extremely salty, which is bad for humans but particularly bad for dogs — dehydration can cause a variety of problems, and salt poisoning can be fatal.

Furthermore, some of the traditional spices that we humans enjoy can be harmful to our canine companions. Garlic and onions, for example, can cause serious health problems in dogs.

Although small quantities are usually appropriate — and can even be contained in certain jerky treats — the amounts your dog will eat in human foods are just too dangerous.

Final Thoughts

Jerky is clearly a favourite food for our dogs for a variety of reasons — it’s a delicious and nutritious option for them!

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