GNC Ultra Mega Multivitamin Plus

GNC has one of the best reputations in the multivitamin industry. You might recall that GNC makes mainly multivitamins for humans and the animal multivitamins have been an add-on to their already excellent product range. The GNC Ultra Mega Multivitamin Plus Adult Dog Chewable Tablets are well known and does come recommended by vets.

Like many GNC products, the quality does come with a price. For 60 tablets the prices are around $15 for the tub but it’s one of those purchases you don’t regret in the end. Dog food today has become very expensive and many of these dry dog foods is below what anyone would call quality. Having said that however we can only afford certain price ranges as the high-end dog food is rather expensive. To many, a multivitamin is a good idea to boost what the dog might otherwise be lacking.

Some people have reported that the products have kept their dog’s coat full, shiny and has kept the skin from being dry and flaky. Note that should your dog have a flaky skin then you might need to visit the vet as it might be an allergy. Many dogs are allergic to corn in cheaper dog food. On a side note not all the dogs like the smell of the GNC range but this is more of an exception than the rule. If you have one of these dogs then you might try another great product called Nutramax Cosequin Plus.

Either way, the GNC Ultra Mega Multivitamin range has a good reputation amongst pet owners and well worth the money considering the wide variety of vitamins and minerals it does contain. Don’t forget to deworm your dog from time to time and speak to a vet about this.