How We Rate and Review Dog Food?

There’s so much to choose from when it comes to Dog Food Rater.

Wet dog food, dry, grain-free, inexpensive, costly, holistic, flavoured with chicken, flavoured with beef, whatever kind of flavoured dog food … where does it end?

Hopefully here at Dog Food Reviews.

There are hundreds of types of dog food to choose from, and we are here to help you find the best one for your dog and choose it.

You can get unbiased, up-to-date details on many dog food brands available on the market here at Dog Food Reviews. The data we provide will be:

Help you analyze dog food properly

We not only cover the top 5 ingredients, levels of protein and fat, and suppliers but also explain why the data is good or poor. You’ll learn a thing or two about making the right decision when it comes to choosing a quality brand for your dog by reading our dog food review.

Rising consciousness of substandard brands of dog food.

Many dog food companies spend millions of dollars to cover the fact that in their dog food and ultimately in our beloved fuzzy children’s bodies, they place artificial additives, animal by-products, preservatives, and other items not suitable for human consumption. We have hard cold information about each brand that will help you make intelligent, knowledgeable decisions about what to feed your dog.

What we do here

  • We’re describing a brand. We provide a brief description of the company, its past, and the type of dog food it provides.
  • We’ll clarify who makes this brand. Is dog food made by a certain brand by a private company or by a giant like Purina? Here, you’ll find out!
  • We list the recalls in which this brand has participated. Here, you will find the brand’s latest recall detail.
  • We’re checking the brand. We include an in-depth review of the ingredients’ consistency, the ethical standards of the manufacturer, and everything else that we believe you and every other dog owner should know.
  • We include a detailed study of one formula from this brand. We select one common formula that this brand offers and then evaluate the quality of its ingredients and their sources. Also, we look at the quality of protein and fat. Then we put together a detailed review of the formula.
  • We’ll let you know where this brand can be bought in your city. For this brand, we also link to a store locator.
    For this brand, we give coupons. We have plenty of dog food coupons here at Dog Food Guru for you to use.

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Final Thoughts

We also encourage you to get additional information from other dog food review blogs, the manufacturer’s website, and other outlets, while we aim to be a go-to source for reliable information on dog food.

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