IAMS® Prostra™ Max Probiotic

IAMS® Prostra™ Max Probiotic supplement is well known and has been around for a while. It is also been 1 of only 2 products tested out of 25 probiotics on the market which had passed the Canadian Veterinary Journal’s sniff test among 25 other products which had been tested in 2011.

The active probiotic in the product is Bifidobacterium animals. The bacteria will colonize the GI tract which is an integral part of a healthy and normal microbiota in your dog and exists in the intestines, stomach, and colon. The bacteria is very useful as it helps to prevent inflammatory activity, infection and resolving idiopathic canine diarrhoea. In other studies with rats, it was also effective in minimizing the effects of salmonella infection.

In another study which is available on PubMed using dogs with acute diarrhoea. They had discovered that the bacteria B. animals had attached to the dogs’ epithelial (lining) cells in the GI tract. This help to reduce the population of diarrhoea-causing bacteria in the intestines. You can read the study here.

“The resolution rate of acute idiopathic diarrhoea in dogs randomly assigned to receive a placebo (n=18) or the probiotic (n=13). Nutritional management with the probiotic-fed at 2 x 10(10) CFU/day significantly reduced the time to resolution (3.9 +/- 2.3 versus 6.6 +/- 2.7 days; P < .01) and reduced the percentage of dogs that were administered metronidazole (38.5% versus 50.0%) compared with placebo. Probiotic B. animals AHC7 may provide veterinarians with another tool for management of acute diarrhoea in dogs.”

There has been another study on the use of the probiotic by Science Direct where they had come to the conclusion that the overall health of your animal improves with B. animals as a supplement. You can view that study here.

“This study describes the isolation and screening of canine-derived bacterial strains with commensal traits. The results demonstrate that B. animals AHC7 has significant potential for improving canine gastrointestinal health.”

As stated that the IAMS® Prostra™ Max Probiotic was also tested by the Canadian Veterinary Journal and again as a product showed good results. The study was called “Assessment of commercial probiotic bacterial contents and label accuracy”. From the study which is listed here.

“Probiotics are widely available for use in animals but quality control of veterinary probiotics has been shown to be poor. Only 2 of these also had an acceptable label, which properly described the contents. Deficiencies in veterinary probiotic quality remain.”

In the probiotic market, Iams has clearly been one of the leaders in the field when it comes to delivering what they promised on their products. There are other probiotic listed on this website such as the GNC probiotic as well a multivitamins for dogs and Bayer deworming tablets.