NutriSource Dog Food Review (2020)

NutriSource is a brand of all-natural pet foods owned by KLN Family Brands. The brand name concentrates on alternative nutrition or excellent intestine wellness which many believe it as essential to overall health.

The firm takes pride in its quality control to guarantee stress-free family pet feeding. To aid you to locate the best food for your dog, we have actually created this 2020 NutriSource canine food evaluation of their best-sellers offered at

KLN Household Brands was founded by Darrell “Tuffy” Nelson and also it began in 1947 as the Pine Lakes Feed business in Perham, Minnesota. After finishing college, Darrel’s boy, Kenny, established a collaboration with his daddy to create the Tuffy’s Pet dog Food Firm.

After 39 years of making economic situation line animal foods, the brand name increased right into the Super Costs Pet Food Market with the release of NutriSource animal foods. The firm remained to increase with the release of Pure Vita and also Natural Planet Organics, both of which are still under the KLN Household Brands umbrella.

The business utilizes cutting-edge equipment that produces thoroughly created products. The nutrition that goes into every pet dog food is backed by extensive research as well as testing.

According to the brand, tests using the Organization of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) procedures confirm that Tuffy’s pet foods supply full and also balanced nutrition for all life stages.

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Is NutriSource Canine Food Made In The United States?

As a family-owned and also -operated animal food manufacturer, NutriSource Dog Food is devoted to high quality– it is their goal to create “premium animal foods that you can rely on”. This holds true, you should not be amazed to discover that NutriSource is likewise dedicated to making sure that all of their recipes are squared away here in the United States.

NutriSource animal food is all made using advanced devices in a factory situated in Perham, Minnesota. This plant is the only center that produces NutriSource and various other KLN Family Members Brands– it is additionally a pet food-only manufacturing plant.

NutriSource Pet Dog Food Reviews

The NutriSource brand consists of a vast array of family pet foodstuffs including dry food as well as canned options, both original and also grain-free. NutriSource dog foods feature top quality, natural components consisting of some that are natural.

Along with high-grade active ingredients, NutriSource supplements each of their dishes with the Great 4 Life formula which is specially created to make sure it incredibly costs nutrition as well as dietary equilibrium.

According to the company website, NutriSource products are highly absorbable to guarantee optimum nutrition absorption in tasty formulas that are nutritionally full.

1. NutriSource Grain Free Seafood Select Dish

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NutriSource Seafood Select Dish is a grain-free completely dry canine dog food that supplies total and also balanced nutrition in every offering. Made with actual salmon as the first ingredient, it supplies premium healthy protein that is also easy to digest.

Developed with the brand name’s Good 4 Life system, this grain-free recipe includes 4 crucial active ingredients that sustain not only your canine’s digestive tract wellness however also her general wellbeing. It has SEL-PLEX which is the only FDA-reviewed and the first European Union-approved type of organic selenium supplement. These assists support canines’ brain function.

BIO PLEX is the license name for the trace minerals utilized in the brand’s pet foods. It offers natural mineral nourishment using zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt, and iron in a type as near nature as feasible. BIO PLEX supports skin as well as layer health.

BIO-MOS is a prebiotic that supports the digestive tract and general digestive tract health and wellness of dogs. A yeast society strain (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) called Yea-Sacc consists of stimulating microbial food digestion permitting much better microbial colonization in the intestinal system.

The initial five ingredients of NutriSource Fish and shellfish Select Dish are Salmon, menhaden fish meal, peas, pea flour, and also pea starch. Testimonials for this grain-free salmon recipe states that lots of canines have grown thick and also shiny layers since being fed this NutriSource recipe. Also, dogs that have allergies are flourishing on Seafood Select. This dry canine food has omega fatty acids that assist support skin as well as layer health and wellness.

NutriSource Fish And Shellfish Select Recipe are additionally great for pet dogs’ food digestion. Pooches that previously had problems such as loose feces have had significant improvements in their digestion. The canines are likewise able to keep healthy and balanced weights. The dishes are enough to endure also very active pet dogs.

NutriSource Seafood Select Dish is a highly recommended completely dry pet dog food, particularly for dogs prone to skin troubles due to allergic reactions. A number of such pet dogs have thrived on this food. Their skin issues have actually improved, and they are able to grow thick and also glossy layers.

Similar to other NutriSource items, it has actually additionally been fantastic assistance to the gastrointestinal
the health of many pets.

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2. NutriSource Huge Breed Pup Chicken As Well As Rice Solution

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NutriSource Huge Breed Puppy Poultry and Rice is a dry canine food developed especially for the dietary demands of big type puppies expected to evaluate greater than 50 pounds when fully grown. This formula is made to be digested easily for the perfect health care of big types.

This NutriSource formula for huge type young puppies has the brand’s Excellent 4 Life formulation that is focused on great digestive tract health. Excellent 4 Life supports the proper absorption of nutrients. According to the brand, the disease begins in the gut, therefore does health. NutriSource Huge Breed Puppy Poultry as well as Rice Dry Dog Food.

Developed specifically for the dietary needs of large type pups expected to weigh more than 50 pounds when completely grown. This formula is designed to be absorbed quickly for the excellent health maintenance of large types.

Pre as well as probiotics are included to aid sustain gut health and wellness. The entire Good 4 Life system assists sustain brain feature, odor control, intestine health and wellness, skin, and also coat health and wellness.

NutriSource aims to supply ingredients that work together to advertise gut health as well as reveal health and wellness enhancements within the very first feeding. Constructed from humanely accredited chicken, this formula supplies premium healthy protein to help growing puppies build strong and also lean muscles.

Omega-3 as well as Omega-6 fats together with L-carnitine, taurine, choline chloride, and also dL-methionine
supplementation is included to promote heart health.

The very first five ingredients of NutriSource Huge Type Pup Chicken and Rice hen, hen dish, brown rice, barley, as well as oatmeal.

According to testimonials, this NutriSource dry food for pups has aided lots of puppies with sensitive bellies. They have the ability to maintain this food down without distressing their bellies. It has actually likewise helped regulate the bowel movements of young puppies. The holistic technique to nourishment appears to be improving the digestive system wellness of young puppies.

Other reviews for this item state that pups that have been consistently fed this NutriSource hen and rice dish have actually expanded quickly as well as have the ability to maintain healthy and balanced weights. They are prospering on this food, as well as their proprietors are fairly happy with their total wellness.

However, one review states that the kibbles are a bit as well tiny for dogs of big types.

Based upon the high quality of components, results provided, and also reviews from pet dog parents, NutriSource Huge Breed Young Puppy Hen and also Rice is generally a very advised completely dry food for expanding large type pups.

The all-natural focus appears to be functioning well for the puppies’ creating bodies as well as is especially beneficial to those with delicate stomachs.

3. NutriSource Pasture Select Grain-Free Formula

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This NutriSource Grassy Field Select Grain-Free Dry Food Solution is formulated to satisfy the dietary requirements of dogs in all life stages. Not just is it nutritionally well balanced, yet it contains fresh flavor, and also it uses exceptional palatability and digestibility as well.

This formula includes fresh quail as the key component and also because it is grain-free, it is a wonderful selection for canines that suffer from food allergies and level of sensitivities. You’ll also rejoice to know that this formula includes NutriSource’s “Good 4 Life” system which is made with the finest ingredients readily available.

NutriSource Grassy Field Select Solution

Created to satisfy the dietary needs of pet dogs in all life phases. Not just is it nutritionally balanced, but it contains fresh taste, and also it supplies outstanding palatability and digestibility also.

As you already know, the first component in this dish is quail. Quail is a meat-rich animal protein that is also loaded with all-natural flavor. One thing to be aware of with fresh meats like quail is that they might include as much as 70% to 80% wetness by quantity.

When the product is prepared and also a lot of that moisture is shed, it is feasible that the total quantity of protein the quail provides could be a lot reduced. That will not be a problem for this NutriSource Prairie Select Grain-Free Dry Food Solution, nonetheless, because there are plenty of supplementary proteins.

For instance, a duck comes 2nd on the listing, and also duck meal comes fourth– there is additionally turkey meal in the nine ingredient slot. The duck dish and turkey meal are particularly beneficial due to the fact that they have already been cooked to get rid of wetness– that makes them both highly-concentrated sources of animal healthy protein.

The primary carbs in this NutriSource Savanna Select

Grain-Free Dry Food Solution are green lentils, peas, as well as garbanzo beans. These are all gluten-free as well as grain-free carbohydrates which is excellent for dogs that experience food allergies or level of sensitivities.

These components supply a lot of carbohydrate power along with nutritional fiber. This dish likewise consists of some supplementary sources of fiber such as pea flour, sunflower dish, as well as flaxseeds. You’ll also find alfalfa meal, red lentils, as well as tapioca starch later on in the list.

All in all, this formula has 6% crude fiber which is a little more than the 5% maximum most animal nutritionists suggest. This fiber originates from absorbable resources, however, so it may not create trouble.

The staying components in this formula are composed largely of fats as well as supplements. The main resource of fat in this NutriSource Pasture Select Grain-Free Dry Food Solution is chicken fat which, though it might not appear tasty to you, is abundant in taste and nutrients for your pet.

Your canine will certainly likewise get some fat from the sunflower dish, flax seeds, and also sunflower oil. All of
these components work together to make certain a balance of omega-3 as well as omega-6 fats to support your pet dog’s healthy and balanced skin as well as layer. In regards to supplements, this formula contains vitamins, minerals, as well as dried out fermentation items.

It is an advantage to see that most of the minerals are chelated– this suggests that they have actually been
chemically bound to healthy protein molecules which makes them simpler for your pet’s body to absorb and also absorb. Dried out fermentation products act as probiotics to support your dog’s healthy and normal digestion.

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4. NutriSource Grain Free Heartland Select Canned Formula

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NutriSource Grain Free Heartland Select Formula is a wet canine food that is reduced glycemic and also high in protein. Made of genuine chicken, chicken liver, as well as bison, you can be sure that your pup is obtaining just high-quality sources of healthy protein that are additionally very absorbable.

In addition to NutriSource’s Great 4 Health system which supports gut wellness, mind feature, skin, and also coat wellness; it has added prebiotics and also extremely digestible minerals for immune and development support. It has antioxidant-rich cranberries which also aid boost the immune system. Every offering of NutriSource Heartland Select supplies total and well-balanced nutrition.

NutriSource Grain Free Heartland Select Canned Formula

Wet dog food is reduced glycemic and also high in healthy protein. Made from genuine poultry, chicken liver, as well as bison, you can be sure that your pup is obtaining only premium resources of protein that are likewise extremely digestible. Just like all NutriSource canine foods, Heartland Select is devoid of man-made boosters such as shades, flavors, and preservatives. It is likewise without byproducts, unnamed animal ingredients, and also ingredients such as carrageenan.

The first five ingredients of NutriSource Heartland Select Formula are hen, chicken broth, chicken liver, bison, and also chickpeas.

According to reviews, dogs seem to like the abundant flavor of this grain-free dish. The flavors of poultry as well as bison are made richer by the chicken liver and chicken broth. Canines can delight in this tasty meal without consuming a lot of carbs. The high protein content of this NutriSource formula will likewise maintain them fuller for longer.

Generally, NutriSource Heartland Select Solution is an extremely advised wet food if you are searching for a low
glycemic, grain-free food for your pet. The all-natural approach to nourishment likewise assists your canine’s
digestive health and wellness.

5. NutriSource Hen, Lamb & Sea Fish Canned Pet Food

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NutriSource Poultry, Lamb & Ocean Fish is a grain-inclusive wet pet dog food that is gluten as well as carrageenan cost-free. Carrageenan is an additive that some professionals claim might add to specific conditions in pets.

Made of hen, lamb, and sea fish, this dish from NutriSource uses an additional tasty meal that supplies complete and also balanced nutrition. You can be certain that the healthy protein your pets get originated from top quality resources. The rich taste of this dish is improved with tasty lam broth as well as chicken liver.

NutriSource Poultry, Lamb & Ocean Fish Canned Dog Food Grain-inclusive damp canine food that is gluten and also carrageenan totally free. Carrageenan is an additive that some specialists say may contribute to particular problems in dogs. This very absorbable pate has added prebiotics and NutriSource’s Good 4 Life system to ensure healthy and balanced digestion as well as better absorption of nutrients. This consequently, promotes good total wellness and also well-being in dogs.

This wet pet dog food is gluten-free. It likewise has no fabricated boosters such as flavors, shades, or preservatives. It has just high-grade, natural components. The first five active ingredients of NutriSource Chicken, Lamb & Sea Fish are poultry, lamb broth, lamb, ocean fish, as well as chicken liver.

According to reviews from pet dog parents, this NutriSource damp dog food for all life stages is enjoyed by their puppies. They obtain excitement for nourishments and demolish the meaningful crown. It has actually also been fantastic assistance in offering medications to dogs. The dogs appreciate their meal so much that they don’t observe the medications that are put inside.NutriSource Poultry, Lamb & Sea Fish has actually likewise been terrific for some pets with allergic reactions. Their skin problem significantly enhanced considering that being fed this tinned canine food. Hair has likewise begun growing in formerly poor areas on their bodies.

In General, NutriSource Chicken, Lamb & Ocean Fish is a terrific wet food to feed to your canines. The components are every one of premium. It has actually obtained positive testimonials from pet proprietors, as pooches simply love the rich poultry, lamb, and also fish tastes of this food.

6. NutriSource Lamb & Rice Canned Solution

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This NutriSource Lamb & Rice Junk Food Solution is total and well balanced for canines in all life stages which means that it can be a great selection for a pup or for an adult pet dog. This formula belongs to the initial lineup of tinned food recipes which implies that it is not grain-free.

Unless your pet dog is allergic or sensitive to grains, however, this won’t be a trouble because the grains utilized are whole grains which offer superb digestibility for lots of dogs. In addition to being extremely absorbable, this formula is likewise rich in protein and all-natural meat taste. Overall, your dog would certainly be fortunate to get this dish as his staple diet plan.

NutriSource Lamb & Rice Canned Food

Total as well as balanced for pets in all life stages which implies that it can be a good selection for a pup or for an adult pet. Rich in premium healthy protein and natural meat flavor. On the whole, your pet dog would certainly be fortunate to get this dish as his staple diet plan.

The initial active ingredient in this formula is fresh lamb, a meat-rich source of pet protein. While fresh meats contain approximately 80% dampness by quantity, that will not be a trouble for this canned food dish.

When dry foods are cooked, most of the wetness leaves the last quantity for fresh meats much less than the initial quantity. This formula is high in wetness, however, to ensure that will not take place. It is additionally worth keeping in mind that lamb brew is the 2nd component.

This ingredient contributes to this NutriSource Lamb & Rice Canned Food Solution’s 78% wetness web content and likewise adds some all-natural flavor that your pet makes certain to like.

The remaining ingredients in this formula include supplementary proteins, absorbable carbs, thickeners, as well
as supplements. Both lamb liver and also sea fish work as auxiliary healthy proteins, as does the whole dried egg.
For carbohydrate energy and also nutritional fiber, this NutriSource Lamb & Rice Junk food Formula depends on brown rice as well as pearled barley. Once again, these might not be grain-free carbohydrates however unless your dog is allergic or sensitive they are thought-about highly absorbable.

This NutriSource Lamb & Rice Junk Food Solution is developed to meet the dietary degrees developed by the AAFCO Pet Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life phases.

Overall, this NutriSource Lamb & Rice Junk Food Formula is a top-quality source of nourishment and also a natural flavor for dogs in all life stages. This dish starts strong with lamb as the very first component as well as three supplemental proteins detailed later on.

The wild rice, as well as pearled barley that function as the main carbohydrates, are thought-about highly absorbable for many pet dogs– they supply both carbohydrate power as well as dietary fiber.

It is additionally vital to note that alfalfa meal, an ingredient rich in plant healthy protein, additionally shows up on the checklist– it is vague how much it contributes to the overall healthy protein material of the formula. In conclusion, this lamb and rice dish is an excellent wet food to try for canines who are fans of the abundant flavor of lamb.

Where Does NutriSource Obtain Their Components?

Each one of NutriSource’s canine food is created for maximum digestibility and nutrient absorption. Not just does that mean making use of top-notch components, however, their dishes supply a concentrated resource of nutrition which implies you can feed your canine less and he will generate less waste. In order to produce such a high-grade item, NutriSource counts on the highest quality components such as cost animal healthy proteins, absorbable carbohydrates, fresh fruits, and vegetables, as well as valuable supplements.

According to the NutriSource web site, this brand utilizes “the finest, fresh, raw components” that are all testes upon arrival to make sure quality as well as security. Regrettably, NutriSource does not supply particular details regarding where they obtain their components.

Since every one of their products is made in the U.S.A., however, it is most likely that they make use of largely US-sourced active ingredients.

Where To Get NutriSource?

NutriSource dog foodstuffs are offered in some local family pet food cycle as well as special family pet shops– you can also buy them from on-line animal food stores. KLN Family Brands sometimes offers discount coupons on the business website and also you can get in touch with the brand name on social networks to obtain item news as well as special deals. You might likewise be able to find NutriSource canine food coupons from private retailers.

Is NutriSource Expensive?

The NutriSource brand name of pet dog food is marketed as a super-premium brand of family pet food, so you should be prepared to pay more for this brand name than for average completely dry food. Costs differ from one recipe to an additional, but a 30 to 33-pound bag of NutriSource original dog food will cost you between $45 and $60.

For a 30-pound bag of NutriSource grain-free completely dry food, you will pay between $50 and $80. You can purchase 13-ounce cans of NutriSource damp dog food in cases of 12 for $20 to $35 (grain-free recipes are on the higher end of the spectrum) which provides you a typical price of around $2.30 per canister.

What Type Of Dog Food Does NutriSource Deal?

The NutriSource brand of pet food uses a large selection of pet dog food products including original and also grain-free choices. NutriSource also provides a selection of pet dog treats. For dry food, NutriSource recipes can be separated right into 2 groups– initial and grain-free.

The initial line includes ten recipes designed to fit the dietary needs of pet dogs in different life stages and of different breed sizes. The grain-free line of completely dry foods additionally uses a diverse selection of dishes for grown-up pets as well as young puppies, consisting of small as well as large-breed pets.

For canned foods, NutriSource uses a much more restricted option that includes a number of grain-free recipes, and also, for deals with, there are almost 10 dishes to choose from.

NutriSource Dry Dog Food Products

The NutriSource brand of pet dog food provides both original as well as grain-free dry foods for pet dogs in all life phases. Though these dishes may differ in flavor, they are all super-premium dishes made with high-quality, all-natural components including costs healthy proteins like poultry, salmon, as well as lamb.

There are numerous dishes developed for canines in various life stages as well as of different breed sizes. NutriSource even offers weight management and performance-enhancing formulas. Right here is a checklist of NutriSource completely dry dog food recipes:

Initial Dry Food Recipes:

  • Grown-up Formula
  • Lamb Dish & Rice Formula
  • Large Breed Adult Lamb Dish and Rice Solution
  • Big Type Grownup Hen & Rice Solution
  • Small & Tool Breed Puppy Formula
  • Big Type Puppy Formula
  • Elderly Formula
  • Weight Monitoring Solution
  • Efficiency Formula
  • Super Efficiency Formula

Grain-Free Dry Food Recipes:

  • Savanna Select Solution
  • High Plains Select Formula
  • Woodlands Select Formula
  • Seafood Select Solution
  • Poultry & Pea Formula
  • Big Type Poultry & Pea Formula
  • Lamb Meal & Peas Formula
  • Large Type Lamb Meal & Pea Formula
  • Tiny Breed Hen Formula
  • Small Breed Seafood Select Solution

NutriSource Canned Pet Dog Food Products

The NutriSource brand of pet dog food does not supply as large a choice of canned foodstuff as they do completely dry foods, however, there are still initial and grain-free recipes offered.

Each dish features a premium-quality healthy protein as well as is supplemented with digestible carbs as well as healthy and balanced fats for dietary balance.

Canned Recipes:

  • Grain-Free Chicken Solution
  • Grain-Free Lamb Formula
  • Grain-Free Heartland Select Solution
  • Grain-Free Fish And Shellfish Select Solution
  • Chicken & Rice Solution
  • Lamb & Rice Formula
  • Poultry, Lamb & Rice Formula

NutriSource Dog Treats

Along with supplying a wide selection of dry as well as junk food items, the NutriSource brand of pet food also has a respectable variety of pet dog treats. A lot of the treats are grain-free and all of them are made with quality healthy proteins like a hen, fish, and also lamb. Below is a checklist of NutriSource canine treats:


  • Chicken Treats
  • Lamb Treats
  • Salmon Deals with
  • Grain-Free Chicken Deals With
  • Grain-Free Bunny Deals With
  • Grain-Free Salmon Deals With
  • Grain-Free Poultry Biscuits
  • Grain-Free Whitefish Biscuits
  • Grain-Free Liver Biscuits

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Is NutriSource Good Pet Dog Food?

NutriSource Adult Canine Poultry & Rice Formula resembles excellent canine food. It has good meat protein from chicken and hen meal. Nevertheless, it does consist of many carbs from brown rice, barley, white rice, and also oatmeal. If you do not mind the grains, your pet dog will possibly do extremely well on this food.

What Company Possesses NutriSource Canine Food?

The NutriSource brand name of pet dog food is possessed by KLN Family Members Brands. The business was founded by Darrell “Tuffy” Nelson and also it started in 1947 as the Pine Lakes Feed firm in Perham, Minnesota.

Is NutriSource An Excellent Brand Name?

Generally, NutriSource seems a respectable quality brand name that offers a great variety of alternatives. This brand offers both classic as well as grain-free choices in both their completely dry food and tinned food lines, plus they have a variety of treats too.

Final Thoughts

Dog food from Nutrisource is not as readily accessible as its alternatives. Like some of the bigger labels out there, you can’t find it on any store shelf. But with a bit of time on your hands, for the wellbeing of your dog, any dog owner can order it online. Nutrisource dog food is among the best sources for a range of proteins and healthy fatty acids in meat (typically about 60 percent).

NutriSource Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

NutriSource Dry Dog Food

NutriSource Wet Dog Food