The Best Dog-Friendly Landscape Design Ideas to Delight Your Dog

Happily romping a dog or puppy in the backyard is a common fantasy of puppy-owner. But it takes more effort to do this than simply running your dog out in the yard and hoping for the best. Take the time to ensure your dog’s yard has the facilities he or she wants and loves. Luckily, pet-friendly yard facilities are perfect for humans too.

Dogs require plenty of training space and love to spend time off their leashes. A fence in your backyard will allow your pup to stretch their legs safely while adding protection and boosting the value of your home.

The fence around the entire area for a small yard to make it feel larger. For larger yards, fence in a portion of it to establish a dog run at the backyard and allow fancy landscaping outside the fence.

Choose a Dog-Friendly Ground Cover

Brown patches on the lawn are among the greatest issues for dog owners when it comes to landscaping. These stains can be avoided by rinsing the area with water after your dog has done urinating, but this can be difficult to keep up with. To avoid this mission, ditch the grass for some kind of dog-friendly backyard ground cover.

Keep the water flowing

Freshwater is important, and plenty of that. Why not take this opportunity to add a water feature which your dog can access to your landscape? It’s perfect for a splash fountain or stream and you’ll love it too.

Another choice is a small pond or pool, especially for water-loving dogs. But do a safety check before you create an existing pool, or even allow it to enter it. If the dogs fall in, they should be able to get out quickly. That means a slightly sloping side of shallow steps that are easily available.

Consider safety first

Dogs may have descended from free-ranging wolves, but with limits, our domesticated companions do best. You may be going for a fully fenced backyard or a dog running in a larger area. You will know that your dog is both happy and healthy anyway.

A chain-link fence is easy to build and offers a protected barrier, but the most appealing solution is not always the one. Find a fencing material that suits your landscape style as an option, whether you are going for a fully enclosed yard or a dog run. Go for a cottage style with picket fences, flat horizontal boards for a contemporary look, or posts, and wire for a rustic feel.

No matter what style you pick, make sure your family friend is sturdy enough and built so that a curious dog can’t get caught in between the boards.

Keep your landscaping toxin-free

Some common plants, including azaleas, lilies, and mums, are shockingly dangerous when dogs eat them. For a list of plants that can irritate or even kill your pet, consult with your vet and the ASPCA. It may also cause problems with landscaping materials and chemical controls. Although mulch is a great choice for a lawn, and always soft on paws, keep the cocoa mulch clear. The scent can be fantastic but it may cause the same bad reactions as chocolate if your dog eats it.

Numerous baits can be lethal for snails, rats, and other rodents. If you need to use them, make sure your dog can’t get at them — and remember, dogs can be remarkably tenacious when it comes to getting at something you don’t want them to get at.

Have a place for play

A tired dog is a good dog while an untrained or bored dog is looking for trouble. Give room to run and chase your dog and you’ll have even fewer issues. To keep your dog amused, make the room as big as possible.

Choose comfortable materials

Landscaping materials shouldn’t get too heavy, should be easy to walk on, and should preferably not stick to the feet and fur. All good options include concrete, brick, flagstone, pebbles, and smooth rocks.

Mulch and tiny bark chips (except for cocoa mulch) are dog friendly and won’t heat up too much, but you’ll have to clean them regularly.

Lawns are another alternative although they can be more easily damaged than hard materials. Artificial turf rises in popularity as well. If you are going that road, check that tender paws don’t get too sticky.